Massage Services

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a clothed therapy that dates back to the time of the Buddha.  In lore, it is noted that the Buddha’s physician was the creator of this healing traditional massage and as Buddhism grew and traveled this technique ultimately travelled from India to Thailand.  


Thai massage is traditionally performed on a cushion on the floor.  It combines deep stretching, joint mobilization, and sen line (energy channel) compression creating a fluid and cohesive session that is deep on many levels.  In this session I use my hands, feet, elbows, and knees to address physical and energetic imbalances.  I often include self care with these sessions which could include stretches, self-massage, breath exercises, and/or meditations.


Note: At Ballard Acupuncture Center sessions are on a table unless otherwise requested. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) evolved from osteopathic medicine and is known to help manage chronic conditions associated with trauma, injuries, and surgeries.   This clothed work may feel subtle but the results can be profound and long lasting. 


Each session includes approximately 2-6 hand positions and focuses on bringing balance to the natural rhythms within the body, with a particular attention to the movement of the fluids associated with the nervous, cardiac, and lymphatic systems.  Traumatic events, whether physical or emotional can disrupt these rhythms, which can manifest in many symptoms like pain, poor sleep, and anxiety.  This session helps to release any deep held disruption patterns and restore optimal functioning.

Want to try both?  I enjoy integrating these two sessions to access both the gross physical body and the more subtle, deeper aspects of the system to create a session with a little bit of everything.  I recommend at least 75min for these sessions.  Please call or email the office for more information or to book your session!
60 min: $95
75 min: $110
90 min: $135